Driver Application

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Port City Transportation driver. The application you complete will be used for the purpose of investigating your safety performance driving history as required by Federal Regulation FMSCR 391.23(d) and (e). As part of the required investigation your previous employers from the last three years will be contacted. We will also use this information to determine if you meet our driver qualification standards and those of our insurance carrier. 

The purpose of this disclosure is to advise you of your rights and to comply with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations on Driver Background Investigations. 

Information you provide and information we gather about you will be shared only with qualified persons responsible for making these determinations. 

You have the right to receive upon your written request, information which was received by us from previous employers. You also have the right to disagree with any information which we receive. If you disagree with any information we receive from previous employers, you can make a written rebuttal to the previous employer and they must respond to you. If they change their response it may or may not affect our decision on your application. This right is given to you by FMCSR 391.23(I) 

It is important to list all jobs held over the past ten years. This information is required by Federal Regulation. If you were unemployed at any time it is ok to say so. Your job history will be verified and we use DAC Services to confirm all trucking jobs and driver‘s licenses you have held. 

Failure to list employers may prevent us from approving your application. 

Please fill in the application completely. A complete application will help get you on the road driving with Port City quickly. If you have questions about the Application please ask them.
1.  Click here to prepare your application online using the Ten Street driver application system.  This is the fastest way to get your application prepared and reviewed.
2.  If you would like to download this application as a PDF to fill out by hand, please click here.